Friday, August 29, 2014

What is mise en place?

Mise en place -- This is a phrase that I learned when I took a series of French classes in high school and has really stuck with me all these years, along with my interest in cooking and nutrition.  Mise en place basically means getting all the right ingredients pulled together and ready to make your masterpiece.  I've always liked the idea, and have applied it in many areas of my life, as organization has always been of particular interest to me.  Don't get me wrong... this doesn't mean that I'm always organized, or even close, but rather that it interests me.  Also, when I can achieve a level of organization, I feel calmer and happier.

Well, through my years of cooking, investigating various areas of nutrition, and even selling cooking tools for 7 years, I have finally decided to document my experiments in cooking and my knowledge of nutrition.

Honestly, if my mother, who got me started in both interests, is the only one who reads the blog, that will be fine with me.  However, if more join us for the ride, wonderful!  I hope that we can learn together along the way.  :-)  Buen provecho!