Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coconut Milk Kefir

I have really been missing my kefir and yogurt lately, so this morning I found this recipe for a quick version of coconut milk kefir.  This will be super easy for me, because I always have water kefir on hand, as we use this in our smoothies.  I have to cycle the batches every two days, since the grains are so active.

I used coconut milk that I make with dried, shredded coconut (1 cup) and 5 cups of filtered water blended for 2 minutes and then strained.

I made Finished Water Kefir, using about 1/3 cup finished water kefir and about 3 cups of coconut milk.

Here's what it looks like within an hour of mixing:

I mixed it up again.

And now I need to wait until tomorrow to see if this works...

So, after 24 hours, here's the kefir.  Looks like a science experiment, right?

After I mixed it up and poured it into a glass.
It smelled a little funny, which I think is the mix of the coconut milk fermenting and the water kefir, but didn't taste bad.  It was a little fizzy, which is normal when the water kefir continues to ferment.

If you'd like to learn a more about Water Kefir, check it out here.

I have been using the same water kefir grains for about 3 years, but they have been weakening for a while, so I bought milk kefir grains about a month ago, converted them, and now things are really active.  We can even hear the fermentation happening with a slight fizzing sound while it's working, and the grains rise and fall in the panela/egg shell/filtered water solution as we watch.  Very interesting!

I have always enjoyed the science behind food preparation, so I have lots of "experiments" happening at any given time, which I'll post as I can.

Have a beautiful day!

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