Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

I decided about 2 months ago to try to make my own raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, because it isn't available here.  So, using this recipe, I got a bunch of "national apples" (meaning they aren't imported from Chile), and used the peels and cores to make apple cider vinegar.  It takes a couple of months to ferment, so I just peeked at them now and then.  They looked pretty weird!

Here's the finished product:

The cloudiness is the goal, so I think I hit it right on, because this indicates that it's properly fermented and contains "the mother".

In the meantime I made applesauce in my slow cooker with the rest of the fruit with lots of cinnamon and lemon juice and a little panela and stevia.  Yum!

Well, I decide to try the vinegar yesterday, and guess what?  It's actually really good!  I'm shocked!  The timing couldn't be better, because we have an infestation of fleas right now, and they are making a meal of me.  I read that if you take raw apple cider vinegar (or give it to your pets in their food), it makes you (or your pets) unpalatable to the fleas.  Now THAT would be wonderful!  So, I'm taking a tablespoon every day to see if it makes a difference.

I have also read so many things over the years about the benefits of raw, unpasteurized ACV that I've been wanting to try it again.  So, now, for almost FREE I can make my own!  I just need to keep building up my supply of pint-sized jars or larger pitchers to use for the fermentation.

I also found some other ideas for treating the home/car for fleas.  We're still battling, but haven't lost the war yet!  It's so frustrating, though, because except for the proof of over 70 bites on me, my husband is baffled.  We haven't seen a single flea, including in the vacuum cleaner.  We've set out traps and haven't caught a single one.  I know they're there, though, because any time I pass by the living room furniture, I come away with more bites.  Well, that means "someone else" gets to do the next round of vacuuming up the salt and/or borax!  Not so bad, huh!

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